"As a creative I know how challenging it can be to have so many booming ideas, yet no space to share it. I strongly felt it was time to create a home, in Amsterdam, for those who are eager to share their work. A space that allows creatives to do what they're best at. A home for creative minds, concepts and epic work that needs to be seen, felt and experienced."


- founder, Rowen Aida


With its incredible natural lighting, the Loft has a warm yet clean look and feel. The entire space, including enterance/meeting area, is 100m2. The main area (8 large windows + brick wall) is 56m2. Both areas are connected as one open space.

  • The Loft offers block-out blinds on each window for photoshoots, videography or events who wish to block daylight.
  • For events such as workshops (mainly seated) we suggest a max. capacity of 35-40 people.
  • For movement classes such as Yoga & Pilates, we suggest a max. capacity of 12-15 mats.


Our doors are now open to apply. Are you looking for a space for: photoshoots, videoshoots, events, workshops, ceremonies—you name it: Contact us here to learn more, book a viewing and apply.


Rowen Aida, born and raised in Amsterdam, is known for her dynamic and uplifting mindful movement brand, Elevate by Rowen. Born to be a creative, Rowen is beyond excited to share the Loft with other passionate leaders; "It's been a dream of mine to build a home for creatives, coming together to connect, innovate and collaborate. And all of that, in the heart of my favorite city—it couldn't get any better."